Since SCA is a major contributor to the Southport Arts Festival the last few weeks have been very busy.

    The 'new' pottery is still thriving and we are restricted by the number of teachers we have. This is taking most of my time at the moment. Thanks to a good customer I have been guided back into my own Stained Glass practise over the last month and I am determined to find the time to continue and develop this again. My new work will not be as 'commercial' and I do not expect to make fused tiles unless they are wanted for a bigger work. I have been storing lots of ideas, especially for garden scultures and illuminated works for the wall. These will have lots of painting and use transmitted light to show colours and textures within the glass pieces.

    I will also be updating the website to show how this work is progressing.



  • Happy New Year

    The last few months have been a bit of a blur. I have had little time to oncentrate on my own work other than commissions and commitments which had been agreed earlier in the year. I didn't even attend the Winter Arts Market in Liverpool. Not sure how that went for traders after the change of venue and format?

    SCA are due to more than double the size of our site which includes ClayWorks. So that will keep me busy from the beginning of February for a while. To go along with a much bigger space for textiles, painting, life drawing, poetry and performance there will be new classes in Stained glass and hopefully glass fusing. Exciting times for SCA in Southport.

    I do intend to spend more time on one off peices of my own which will be intended for the garden. They will be for sale after they are made or by commision. I also intend to produce some one off pottery pieces too just to muddy the water. Plus willow work, oh and a bit of photographic art ......



  • So much has happened...

    It's been a while since I took time to update the site and so much has changed. I have helped open a ceramics studio in Southport ( ClayWorks) as part of SCA(Southport Contemporary Arts), which I am a member of. We stepped in to fill a void when Southport Ceramic Studio closed and moved the facilities to Liverpool back in December 2015.

    It took a while to find a property but we now have a studio on Eastbank Street just along the road from the ArtHouse Gallery which is also run by SCA. SCA is a 'not for profit' company which helps support local art and artists (http://www.sca-network.co.uk/).

    Clayworks is taking much of my time and I am finding it difficult to really get a grip on my glass although I am bginning to produce work again now.

    The new studio has been a great such success and we are having to turn people away as all our current classes are full. We need more space for storage and more people to teach and look after classes if we are to expand the numbers. We are now regularly seeing 40 people doing 2.5hr slots every week. Hopefully as we aquire more space we can get even more locals interested in ceramics.



  • Crafts in the Pen

    A weekend to remember. Things got compressed and time became tight on Friday..... loaded up in the the rain into the motor home and headed for Skipton. My wife was joining later. Traffic was terrible and after some delays I arrived at the Auction Mart. Battery in the van causing concern and was only just starting up.

    Set up went ok and just as it was going dark I headed for the campsite. After a lot of driving around I found it and with the help of a decent mobile signal I guided my wife to the site. A very windy night followed with little sleep. Well it was forcast..... snow too. The following day, I had forgot to check out the showers, so we had no tokens and it was too early to knock anybody up. A very cold but busy day at the fair although there were not too many people around. It was the first time that this event had been put on. Lovely meal later at a 'French Bistro'in Skipton and early night to catch up on sleep.

    Sunday much calmer and also managed a shower. The van wouldn't start so had to be towed to get it going. Massive thanks to people at Lower Heights Farm for the help. Quiet day at the fair and managed to get back to Southport without further problems.

    Now ordered a battery charger and will also fit a new battery in the van. I have managed to polish out the scratch, from a bush in a narrow lane, in some brand new paintwork and preped the van for winter storage.

    Just found out that Birkdake Village Fair has been cancelled and I have heard that this could be due to problems with insurance. It is so expensive when people will make claims so readily.

    Just got St Goerges Hall to do now on the Sunday, two new commissions to persue and hopefully some follow ups from Skipton eventually. The garden sculptures were creating a lot of interest.



  • Heading for Winter 2015

    This coming weekend I will be at Crafts in the Pen in Skipton. This is a new event for me and it is also for the organisers who promote the very popular Art in the Pens in summer. I am hoping that the weather will be kind and not keep the public away.

    I have started to look at events for next year and it is really difficult to decided if the risk is worth the investment. The Big Art Show in Shrewsbury broke even for me and I have had a couple of good orders from it since. Southport flower show was very good but if I dont exhibit as part of a group the risk there is extremely high. Needs thinking about.....

    I am at the Winter Arts Market on Sunday the 6th of December in St Georges' Hall in Liverpool but after that things will be very quiet for a few months.

    I have had a good response to the garden sculptures so I will be pushing the scale and complexity of those during 2016.

    I also hope to spend more time working with ceramics next year. As a director of Southport Contemporary Arts we are opening a new ceramics studio to take over from the now closed Southport Ceramics Studio.




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