• Kate Hardcastle seminar- Marketing Lancashire

    I attended a Marketting Lancashire seminar led by Kate Hardcastle yesterday. It has changed the way I am looking at my business. I have always felt that I had a vision of what I wanted, but being practical it was tempered be 'reality'. That's not point of a vision. I now realise that vision is not always going to be accessable but its the trying that counts. In some respects I have been aiming too low. I am sure my wife has already pointed this out but hey...

    I have always tried to give time on a charitable basis. I have taught for 15yrs and been self employed before that so I know about not being paid for time. Yesterday showed how community giving can really change things. I will no longer feel guilty about supporting local events and causes through my work or skills. Pay it forward!

    One of the biggest things I have struggled with has been value. Kate gave an insite into this wich is so encouraging for quality makers and artisans. Believe in what you do!

    I could bang on about the detail of the seminar but, be open to ideas and if you get chance attend one of her talks.



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